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Roar and Liv

Roar and Liv - I know, I know. Another novella. Why did I do this to myself, you ask? Well, I purchased Roar and Liv, for $2.99 I’ll have you know, during my post-Destroy Me, euphoria-induced, novella spree. Fortunately, I really enjoyed this extremely brief tale, even though I didn’t remember anything about Roar…What I was reminded of though, was why I loved Under the Never Sky: Rossi is a great writer. Her prose in Roar and Liv is simple yet elegant, and her characters seem to come alive on the pages. A gypsy at heart, Roar found his home with Liv and Perry. His presence isn’t welcomed by all however, and Liv and Perry’s brother Vale, who also happens to be the Blood Lord, is quick to remind Roar just how useless he thinks he is. With his admission that he might just be everything Vale thinks he is, Roar nearly broke my heart.My ambitions aren’t grand. All I have ever wanted is to be there for the two people who mean everything to me. Maybe that’s a small goal to others, but it’s always felt like enough.Absolutely gutted. Like I said, Rossi’s way with words is almost simplistic, but effortlessly powerful nonetheless. Fortunately, when Roar wasn’t breaking my heart, he was making me giggle.My hand is wrapped around her hip. I slide it to her back so I can think clearly. Somewhat clearly. So I have a chance of holding a coherent thought in my head.His ability to lighten the mood in almost any situation gave a nice hint of humour to an otherwise tense (and possibly suspenseful for those who, like me, couldn’t remember Roar’s story) novella.I think what I liked best about Roar and Liv though, was how Roar described Liv. He made her this strong and courageous woman that I was desperate to learn more about.I watch as she disappears into the curling fog. Live flees when she’s unsure. Like Perry, she thinks on the run. I know this, but my stomach still twists as I watch her leave. I want her to need me right now. She doesn’t. Somehow, I both hate her and love her for it.Her fierce independence and loyalty to those she loved was felt so strongly, because of how much Roar believed it of her. And because Roar thought so highly of her, I had a hard time not falling in love with her too.I listen to her say this and wonder why the pull I feel to protect her is so strong. She doesn’t need me. Liv is a force. She is fierce.Now that I think about it, I almost wish that Roar and Liv had been told in dual PoV, so I could have gotten a peek at Liv’s mind: she was constantly surprising me by doing the opposite of what I would have expected.Above all though, I loved how much respect Roar had for Liv, and how much he respected that any decision for her future was one that he had to let her make on her own.Make Liv mine is the objective. What I haven’t figured out yet is how.Run away with her? Marry her? I need to talk to Liv and find out what she wants. The real goal, the one that’s always guided me, is to make her happy.Even though he knew it would hurt him in his soul, Roar was determined to let Liv go if that was her choice; he never once pressured her into choosing him. He merely let her know that he was, and always would be, waiting for her when she was ready.So why only three stars if I seemed to enjoy Roar and Liv so much? Mostly because of its length – like I said, Liv’s PoV would have been awesome and added a little more substance to the story. As with all the novellas I’ve read recently, I was just getting in to the story when, BAM! It was over.