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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare There are books that leave you heart-warmed, books that leave you weeping, and books that leave you speechless. Clockwork Prince manages to leave you feeling all three.Clare has completely outdone herself. The plot is fast-moving and action-packed, leaving you unable to put the book down, as each chapter leaves you wanting more. But it's also deliciously slow and deliberate when it comes to developing Tessa's feelings for both Will and Jem. There are twists and turns that leave your head spinning, and characters that begin to feel more like friends and family, then just words on paper.Tessa is a shining beacon of hope for YA heroines, and what they should strive to be. She is independent and strong and courageous - but she also shows how that doesn't mean she has to be without feelings. She feels everything with such intensity that it's impossible not to feel the same things with her. She's not afraid to speak up, whether on behalf of her own heart or on behalf of those she cares about. She enters dangerous situations without fear or hesitation, as she knows she is needed and that to do anything less would be cowardly. Yet she's still relatable, as she shares with us her insecurities about her status as a Downworlder and her confused feelings for Will who can be so tenderly cruel, and her confused feelings for her good friend, Jem.The ease with which Clare is able to write Tessa, Will and Jem's love triangle is awe-inspiring. There was never a moment where I felt that Tessa was making the wrong decision, as my heart ached with her over her feelings for both boys. When she was with Jem, I could feel her spirit lighten and feel her blush as though it was my own. The comfort they received from each other's presence warmed my heart, and gave me hope that Tessa's love was enough to help keep Jem healthy and strong. But then Will would let his guard down, and show Tessa his true feelings, and she was able to forget about her feelings for Jem in the heat of the passion she feels for Will. And I was ok with it! I understood exactly how she might want to continue to give Will another chance, as his moments of sincerity were so heartfelt that I was left breathless.I won't get in to the details of the plot, as I don't want inadvertently ruin anything. I will say that this is how you write a love triangle, and this is how a cliffhanger ending is properly created and that Clare must be trying to kill us all. I don't know if I will be able to handle the suspense and agony of waiting for a resolution in Clockwork Princess (there will be resolution, right?!)Originally published on my blog, Radiant Shadows