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The Binding (The Velesi Trilogy, #1)

The Binding (The Velesi Trilogy, #1) - L. Filloon The Binding had such amazing potential – a (mostly) well-paced plot, with likeable characters and an interesting mythology. But an abundance of grammatical errors and a couple of cases of insta-love had me unable to truly enjoy my reading experience.What I love the most about starting a new series is learning the about the mythology. I loved what mythology The Binding presented me with, but I did find it lacking. I didn’t fully understand the difference between Tharin’s group and the Ange – both were referred to as Sidhe, but they were very obviously in conflict with each other. I loved that Tharin’s group could manipulate the elements, to provide them with both protection and shelter, but it was never explained why the Ange couldn’t do the same (or why they were called the Ange!). I didn’t understand exactly how calling on the elements, physical entities like earth and rain, could provide the type of shield which would make the group invisible to anyone nearby and I didn’t like that Lily seemed to have a special ability, but it was never given attention. Granted, The Binding is book one of a planned trilogy, but I really don’t like when things are left completely untouched until the sequel.I had a hard time believing Lily’s claim that she was merely with Tharin in an attempt to find, and save, her brother Lucas. When she first met Tharin, and he explained that she was a princess of the Willow Clan and his future bride, she didn’t even bat an eyelash! Her concern was solely for Lucas, what had happened to him since his disappearance, and how she was going to save him. I didn’t understand why she wasn’t interested in learning more about Velesi history, considering information could be vital if she had any hope of finding Lucas, but once they left for Velesi she seemed to forget her original plan completely. She quickly began to wonder about Tharin’s feelings for her, her feelings for him, and what that meant when he had admitted to loving someone else.…but how can I feel right about marrying a guy who’s in love with someone else? It’s not right, Tharin. The name ‘My Love’ should be for the one you truly love,” I sigh heavily. The wind going out of me and I finish in an almost whisper, “and it shouldn’t be thrown around like it’s just another word, because it isn’t.She became so preoccupied with her feeling’s for Tharin, that whenever Lucas was mentioned, I was reminded of how far she had strayed from her original intentions – even though she kept insisting that once she got to Velesi, her energy would be spent trying to find Lucas. I think I could have overlooked her lack of conviction, except for how degrading she was to herself. Rather then being concerned about Tharin being in a relationship with another person, or concerned over how quickly she seemed to be developing feelings for him, she was concerned that he wouldn’t like her.I want so much to have what Kalis has. I want Tharin. But who am I but a Halfling that doesn’t deserve someone like him?She was constantly berating her looks, or her weight, or her lack of ability, or how Tharin kept having to risk his life for her – and it got quite tiresome.And Tharin. There were so many things he said or did that had me shaking in anger.I will marry her whether she likes it or not, I am not leaving her alone and I will damn sure be touching her!The wedding and vows are only a formality compared to the Binding. She belongs to me.He spoke of her like she was a piece of property, with which he was able to do whatever he pleased. He also chose when to give her information, and when to withhold it – deciding what she could and couldn’t handle. He never let her make any of her own decisions, and when she did try to push him on something he wasn’t comfortable talking about, he reacted with anger or by separating himself from her in fear of physically hurting her. His complete rejection of developing any kind of clear communication between himself and Lily was frustrating beyond measure; it seemed like his constant withholding of information was used as a tool to create suspense and a means for him to maintain power over her. For either of them to speak of love in regards to the other had me mentally rolling my eyes.I did really enjoy some of The Binding’s lighter moments, and even found myself laughing out loud during some scenes.Tolan reaches for his beanie and removes it slowly. He reaches up and ruffles his hair, but it’s not his hair that I’m staring at, it’s his ears. They are shaped like my own except for the gentle upward slope that ends in a soft point at the tips.Without thinking, I blurt out, “You’re a Vulcan?”Tharin sits up, disgusted, “We’re Sidhe! For crying out loud, Lily we’re elves! Vulcans? Seriously?”Ok, so it’s a kind of corny moment, but I loved it! I also really liked the bond between Lily and her best friend Julia, and even though it was an extreme case of insta-love (I’m talking mere hours), I did enjoy watching Julia and Tolan as they worked through their feelings for each other.Lastly I have to touch on the dual PoV. I usually love seeing two different perspectives, and The Binding was no different – in that I loved having both Lily and Tharin able to explain their reactions to me. What I didn’t love was that during some PoV switches, we’d go back in time, and re-live something through the other person’s perspective. If this had happened every time, it would have been fine. But because it was used selectively, it made it hard to figure out when something was happening again versus when the plot was moving forward.In all, I have mixed feelings about The Binding. There were times where I really liked the characters and times where I couldn’t stand them. I was eager to learn about Velesi and it’s history, but disappointed by the little pieces I was leaked. I was constantly stumbling over a grammatical error and the type of dual PoV used was sometimes confusing. I’m definitely interested to see what happens next – did I mention the huge cliffhanger ending?! – but I hope to see that it’s slightly more polished and filled with a little more detail!