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Sound: Solid Book 3

Sound - Shelley Workinger With Sound, Clio has come full-circle, re-learning how to prioritize things in her life, including how to keep herself from shutting out her friends. Even with a more character-driven focus, and being shorter and slightly less action-packed than I was expecting, Sound was still a great way to end the Solid trilogy.Still dealing with the repercussions of her kiss with Ford, Clio has been ostracized by most of her friends, leaving her to wallow in self-pity. Luckily for her, she has some great friends and it's not long before they're all apologizing for over-reacting, asking for her to forgive them for being a little extreme in their silent treatment. Of course Garret's apology was my favourite:“And I thought maybe I owed you a solid.”Didn’t see that coming.“Because I haven’t been the best lately,” he went on, then hurried to clarify. “To you. I’ve obviously kept on being the best thing to happen to, you know, the universe.”While it was all a little convenient, it also made Clio snap out of her funk, and become the "funny and weird" girl from the first two novels. It also made me appreciate her determination to resolve things with Ford, even though he continued to avoid her, because it wasn't as easy a fix for her.Of course, at least then I’d know where he was, unlike now, when my seeing him on campus was about as likely as spotting the yeti. Either he was avoiding me, or he traveled by secret tunnel these days. Or both – he’d probably dug secret tunnels just to avoid me.With things patched up between her friends, the real plot was able to begin! After some not-so-coincidental power outages at different field trips, Clio is convinced that something - or someone - is up to something. But, with her friendships still on shaky grounds, she was forced to drop the issue when all of her friends argued she was grasping at straws - saying she was looking for something to be amiss. With much of Sound's focus on her rebuilding friendships, there wasn't much room for Clio's theories on who was behind the power outages - or their reasons for it. So when the ending came, and Clio ended up being taken captive, it was with minimal interest from me because there had been very little development leading up to it. With a grossly anticlimactic ending, which ironically enough, Clio comments on later, the villain explains their motives and is thwarted before things get too hairy.But even with it's lacklustre ending, finishing the last few pages of Sound was bittersweet. I grew to really enjoy Clio and her gang of friends, even with their slightly corny-yet-heartwarming camaraderie, and I'm both sad to see their story come to an end and content with how things wrapped up. For fans of this series, it's a satisfying conclusion to this light and fun trilogy!**Quick comment on the epilogue though - what in the heck was that about?! Please, share your thoughts with me in the comments!