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Paraglide - Peter Anthony Kelley A light, fun read full of twists, turns, delicious food and exotic locations, Paraglide was a fun adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat as Jim and Erica fought to outsmart a couple of goons in search of their kidnapped mother and missing father!Told in alternating third points-of-view, I found it so easy to relate to both Jim and Erica. Their voices were young enough to be believable, but old enough to enjoy reading. I did find that there were times where both Jim and Erica came across much older and wiser than their respective fifteen and nine years would suggest, but then something would happen that would remind me of their young age. This youthful naiveté in the face of certain decisions helped to ground the characters, making them more realistic. My constant distrust of every new character left me with a sense of constant danger, and Jim and Erica's initial unease with new people furthered their realism as it mirrored my own mixed emotions. I loved their relationship, and how natural it felt to read about them as siblings. Jim was a typical protective older brother, but it was refreshing to see him treat Erica with respect and admiration - something we don't often see an older brother show towards his baby sister. I loved both of their idiosyncrasies, which helped me relate to them as individuals. Erica's constant play on words and search for the next great Crossword clue were adorable and I found myself giggling over some of her punnier rhymes. I also loved that her hobby became crucial to the plot toward Paraglide's end, with her clue for Jim helping him to make a key decision. And Jim's love of cooking was evident with every meal - the detail he would go into to describe the sights and smells had my mouth watering more then once!Tucking into it with a hunk of bread, he recognized the flavor the moment it hit his tongue. Even though he'd never had it before, there could be no mistaking the truffle. The taste had the same woodsy, earthy quality as the smell, but caressed his mouth and left him slightly stunned by its unique intensity.The plot was action-packed and fast-paced, with a new clue being revealed behind every turn, the ticking time threatening their mother's safe return, and the constant threat of Pilot and "Mr. Greasy" just when Jim and Erica think they're safe. There wasn't a moment where I wasn't eager to keep reading and uncover their father's secrets and Kelley's ability to transport me into the story with his vivid imagery helped me to stay lost in the story. Never a dull moment, Paraglide was a thrilling and fun adventure. I loved being transported to Tuscany, Venice and Switzerland as I followed Jim and Erica on their quest to find their missing father, and the constant presence of lurking danger added a nice element of suspense.