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Shadow of Time - Jen Minkman First, a quick note.Jen Minkman sent me a review request, asking that I read/review Shadow of Time. After reading the blurb, and a few reviews, I thought it sounded like something I would really enjoy!Once I started reading, I found I just couldn't get in to it. So I emailed Jen, and asked if she would rather that I post an interview on my blog, than a negative review. This is her (wonderful) response: I've been thinking a bit today about your opinion on Shadow of Time, and since I asked for your honest opinion and even e-mailed you specifically because you don't shy away from writing critical reviews, I would like to ask you if you could still leave a few lines on Goodreads and explain to readers why it wasn't your cup of tea. After all, it's a bit ridiculous to expect one's book to only receive favourable reviews. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to completely torch my book on your blog or anything (that would effectively destroy any readership I might gather in Canada once and for all ;) but it's only fair if I allow you to say what you thought of it to followers you might have on Goodreads. So first, I want to thank Jen for being such an absolute pleasure to work with, and for understanding that not every person can love every book. In a time of such awful author behaviour, it's lovely to see that there are still many authors who appreciate that readers will have different tastes.As for my few lines as to why Shadow of Time didn't work for me, here's what I said in return:I guess I wasn't connecting with the characters? I know Hannah is in her early 20s, but as someone who is in their early 20s, she came across quite childish. And I appreciated that Josh was a bit of an enigma, but he was too hot and too cold for my taste. I was also hoping Hannah would buck up and just demand that he give her some answers (which she did, eventually) but it was just taking too long for me. So, for me, it was mostly that I had a hard time connecting to the characters. I really enjoyed the Native American influence, and the large role their culture played, but I couldn't get past how awkward or nonsensical the characters (or some of their actions) were.