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Degrees of Wrong - Anna Scarlett Feisty, snarky and full of attitude, I immediately fell in love with Degrees of Wrong's heroine, Dr. Elyse Morgan! I loved getting glimpses of a future Earth where the UN has become the leading government organization of the world, and I loved the fiery chemistry between Elyse and the forbidden Captain Marek!Plot-wise, Degrees of Wrong doesn't really have a whole lot going on. Tasked with finding a cure to the HTN4 virus, a cousin to Europe's Black Plague, Elyse spends a good portion of her time in her lab, pouring over research and failed experiments. We'd been told that there are others out there looking for her, to use her genius for their own personal gains, but we only get a quick glimpse of their power before Elyse is shuttled back to safety. We also get glimpses of how losing her parents (and her village) have affected her emotionally, but they are fleeting and brief. And we're exposed to technological advances of this future Earth, including neat little pods that shuttle people underwater to various islands, but a lot is left to the imagination.But for once, I didn't mind that the plot was mostly non-existent. Elyse's personality made up for any of the plot's shortcomings by leaps and bounds! Her witty comebacks and snarky humour had me constantly giggling out loud.The thought of him carrying me anywhere set something to flight in my stomach, but butterflies were too delicate a culprit to describe it.Her temper tantrums and penchant of stomping her foot had me grinning like a fool at her sudden outbursts and self-acknowledged childishness. I took another look in the mirror, threatening the woman in it with no chocolate for the rest of the day if she let that happen again. She frowned back but didn't argue.Her complete lack of respect for authority - when it clashed with her personal beliefs and morals - was admirable, and her methods of seeking approval or permission were always outlandishly creative and over-the-top. And she's a sucker for chocolate. I think I have just found my kindred spirit!The strength it took - both physically and emotionally - for her to resist the charms of Captain Nicoli Marek was phenomenal. Halfway through one of their first encounters I was already begging for them to just kiss already! Her adamant refusal to share any kind of intimate relationship with him, for a myriad of reasons, made for some of my favourite moments in Degrees of Wrong as one (or both of them!) was left literally growling in anger or frustration. Their casual banter and eventual familiarity with each other created such tangible chemistry that I was on the edge of my seat for most of Degrees of Wrong just waiting for one of them to make the first move!The ending was definitely a bit chaotic, as much of the absent plot was thrown together in a rushed climax and finale. Past events catch up to Elyse with significant repercussions - I just knew the blue-eyed soldier would make a re-appearance! - betrayals run deep and life-changing secrets are brought to light. Unfortunately this all happens within the last few chapters, leaving little room for anyone's reactions to be well fleshed-out. There's also a lot of threads left untied, leaving a lot of room for Degrees of Wrong's sequel, Degrees of Vengeance.Usually that kind of rushed approach to tying loose ends would really bother me, but again, because of how much I loved Elyse (and the constant sexual tension between her and Nicoli), I didn't really notice it! I was too entertained to get caught up in picking apart Degrees of Wrong and sometimes, that's worth more than amazing world-building or a solid plot.